Dear Users,
Thank you for taking great interest in our products. We hope our products have been helpful for your work process. Today we are here to share some news about our product update with you.
There will be a major update regarding on our license policy on  July 23rd 2014.

The process of purchasing, login and many other steps that has been causing inconvenience while using our products will be repealed immediately. Also, our main product, Assistor PS will be completely free of use starting on June 2015(scheduled).

For further information, please check out the details below and contact us via e-mail to if you have any questions. 

Thank you again for taking interest in our products.

wit studio Customer Service Team

Details on Service Update
l Date
A. 2014 - 7-23 (Wed): Every product will be updated automatically
B. 2014 - 7-25 (Fri): Wit Store ( will be deleted from the website.

l Update Information
A. Login process will be removed from every product.
B. All products of wit studio will be available for use with just a download.
C. Assistor PS license will be completely free of use for students. (except for graduate students)
D. Assistor PS license will be free for everyone regardless of usage starting on June 2015.
E. Users who want to use Assistor PS for commercial use before June 2015 needs to purchase a license by contacting us via e-mail.(license key provided for commercial users)
l Before & After
Account Login Process
Product Login
Payment by Card or Transfer
Only Transfer Available
Assistor PS Free License
Free for Students /
Free for everyone after June 2015
$ 9.9 per Month
$ 99.9 per Year
License Policy
Monthly Payment Remained /
Yearly Payment Repealed
l Details on License Policy of Assistor PS after the Update
A. Until June 2015, Assistor PS will be available through monthly payment.
B. Please contact us via e-mail if you would like to make a purchase.
C. Send us an e-mail if you want to extend your current license.

l For Current Users
A. If you would like to extend your current license, please send us an e-mail to .
l Other Inquiries
A. Please contact us via if you have any other questions.