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First of all, thank you all for taking great interest in Assistor PS since our official launch. It's been such a wonderful time for us since last June. In fact, we wanted to give you something in return for all the amazing feedback you guys gave us for the last few months. So, we have prepared a little something for you.

We are giving away Free Coupons for those who share their stories about Assistor PS on their Blogs and Timeline. Any comments are welcome. Tips, Suggestions, or even Complaints, whatever and however you want.

 We will send you up to 3 Months of Free Coupon depending on 

where you post your comments.




3 Month

3 Month

15 Days

More than 100 words

More than 100 words on

Design / Development

Facebook / Twitter / etc

 After you posted your comments, send us an e-mail( of the post's URL with your wit store account.


 If you posted your comments on Facebook or Twitter, please leave a tag so we can find out about it. (Facebook - @Assistor / Twitter - @Assistor_PS)


You cannot participate more than 2 times for each category(which means you can get more than a year in total).

If you have already posted your comments, please let us know so we can send you a coupon right away. We really do hope this event can save you some change :)